Is your RV parked in your yard?

Are you paying to "store" your RV?

With the price of gas soaring today, many RV enthusiasts have parked their RV at home and others are paying to "store" theirs, because pulling  an RV has become SO expensive

Some of us enjoyed the best time of our lives traveling in our RV, but as years go by, it gets harder to pack  and pull an RV each year, so it sits  parked and unused until it becomes impractical to keep it . . . and it's sold

Everyone needs to be able to "get away"!

That's the idea behind Rabbit Cove.  We provide that "get away" for our customers!  We're at the end of a country road, surrounded by water on two sides.  A first time visitor told us that it was like stepping into another world!


Just drive to the end of the road and turn left and you're in our drive way!

Would you like to be able to "vacation" as much as you want to?   Wouldn't it be nice just to get into your car, take a short drive into the country and find your RV already set up at the lake and waiting for you?  No packing the RV, no hooking it up to your car or truck, no pulling it through city traffic and spending as much on gas as you would on a motel!


RABBIT COVE LANDING is not your ordinary "overnight" RV Park. 

The only reason we ever rent "by the night" is to let a potential Member "try us out".  We have RV sites only, no tent sites.  Our Members rent by the month. They have their own yard,  complete with city utilities.  Many members have their own covered decks and storage buildings.  They keep their RV on the lot and come out whenever they want to. Some still travel, but have their own little lake lot to come back to.  The park management does all the yard work so there's nothing for the Member to do when they get here but relax and enjoy! 

Rabbit Cove is a clean, quiet "hide-away" at the end of a "dead end" road  on the shore of beautiful Lake Tawakoni.  The owner's and managers all live right here on the property. 


The owners and managers live right here on the property and the office/game room is downstairs in the big house.  We make sure that everything is quiet, clean and secure!

If you're looking for parties and noise, you're in the wrong place. 

The only "wild life" at Rabbit Cove are the rabbits {lots of rabbits!}that are so tame you can walk right by them, squirrels, deer, beaver, eagles {yes we have seen American Eagles and Golden Eagles here}, egrets, blue herons, and too many bird species to mention. 

That's the old fisherman on the post.  He's so tame he'll sneak up on you and eat your bait right out of your minnow bucket!



 We have fish fries, picnics, cook outs, a good card or domino game is easy to find.

The sunrise over the water will just take your breath away. 



Rabbit Cove is not a "yacht club" or "beach party" type park. 

Some Members come here just to rest and relax as much as they want.  You'll see others out walking, enjoying nature on the lake.  Others join their neighbors for an evening meal outdoors.  Still others spend most of their time out on the lake fishing........and we see some big catches.



People who come to Rabbit Cove tend to stay a long time.  We have members who have had their camper here for 20  or 30 years!   We have members who came here with their parents when they were kids and are now adults and still here with their own camper!

Whether you're looking for solitude or new friends and fellowship, you'll find what you're looking for at Rabbit Cove.

You get more than an RV lot at Rabbit Cove.

The park is mowed and "manicured" every Friday.  You don't spend your time at the lake doing yard work. Just come out, relax and enjoy yourself!


There are picnic tables and horsehoe pits by the water's edge, shaded by huge pines and oak trees. . we'll even furnish the horseshoes! 


There is a private boat launch. You don't have to search for a public access boat ramp, wait in line for your turn to launch, and then worry about what's happening to your car & trailer in a public parking lot while you're out on the lake in your boat

If you prefer the convenience of not even having to launch your boat when you come out, we have a modern floating marina, built about six years ago. It's wonderful to be able to just walk out and step into your boat!  And if you're familiar with the prices charged by the marinas on the other lakes near Dallas, you're going to love our $95.00 a month price tag for a 24 foot slip!





We have lots of private "bank fishing" area.  



To make cleaning your catch easy, we provide a private fish cleaning dock complete with cleaning sink, city water and seating for tired fishermen.


We see a lot of fish brought in by Rabbit Cove Members.  Billy Robertson has a bumper sticker that says "Fish tremble when they hear my name!"  and those who know Bill believe it!  

Lake Tawakoni is the top rated Catfish lake in Texas and is  well known for Black Bass, Crappie, Sandbass, Hybrids, Striper and all the perch the kids want to catch!  Our members bring in lots of gorgeous "High Fin Blue" Catfish, Sandbass,  and Striper!


Lake Tawakoni is not as well known as the other lakes close to Dallas, and we like it that way! 

Tawakoni is a BIG {over 200 miles of shoreline}  DEEP lake only minutes from Dallas . . but still uncrowded.  You can still go out on the lake and fish even on the weekend without crowds and noise!  And if you come out during the week, you may not even see another boat on the water all day.  The water is clean and clear, fish are still healthy and beautiful and the sunrises are spectacular!





On beautiful LAKE TAWAKONI just minutes east of Dallas.
2200 East Rabbit Cove Road - West Tawakoni - Texas 75474

Phone: 903-447-2278


We'll answer your email promptly . . . and if you want to talk by phone, just say "call me" and we'll call you to save you the long distance charges.