Rate Increase Effective Jan 1:

In July of this year, we announced a rate increase for September, partly due to the dramatic property tax increase. However, we have delayed implementing the increase while we continued negotiations with the County.  

We are happy to report that we have reached an agreement with the Appraisal District which will reduce the property tax burden somewhat.  As a result, we are reducing the rate increase as shown below.  In addition, we are increasing the discount that RV-tenants receive when renting boat slips from $10 to $15 per month.  These rates will be effective with the statement you receive next month and are due January 1, 2023.  This rate adjustment replaces the normally-scheduled rate increase that occurs every-other April.  Thank you for your loyalty and understanding!

                                      RV Spaces          $30 per month
                                      Boat Slips           $10 per month